Target group

The idea behind the European Inclusion Compass is that inclusion needs leadership to be implemented in any school or educational institutional practice, as promoting inclusion always relates to the use of resources allocated and decisions about dilemmas with consequences.

The main target group for the European Inclusion Platform is therefore School Managers, who are interested to work more strategically with social inclusion and create the best foundation for the creation of an inclusive school environment and inclusive education. 

In fact, the European Inclusion Platform have other target groups, given that all stakeholders in school have a crucial role in implementing inclusion and hence should be involved actively or perhaps even initiate the use of the European Inclusion Platform.   

If you are a school manager or any other stakeholder, you can use this platform to find knowledge and inspiration about the following;

1) How to understand inclusion 

2) How to work with inclusion in a strategic management process

3) How to involve all relevant stakeholders in the process and make them feel engaged

4) Where to find further information and knowledge about inclusion in schools

We also hope that researchers can find inspiration in the European Inclusion platform. You are more than welcome to use the material from the SPISEY project for free, as long as you remember to write that your inspiration come from here.

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