The European Inclusion Compass

The European Inclusion Compass Platform is the result from the European Erasmus+ project, called SPISEY Supporting Practices for Inclusive Schooling & Education for the Youth) and is the place to go for any kind of wish to get more background information or inspiration about social inclusion in schools and specifically on ‘how to do’ when a school wants to apply the European Inclusion Compass and create inclusive schools and education.

The European Inclusion Compass consists of different parts which are all available from this website;

1) A Background Document to the European Inclusion Compass, which is an overall introduction to the Inclusion Compass.

2) Managing the European Inclusion Compass, which is a document designated at school management and external consultants introducing how to work with the Inclusion Compass

3) The European Inclusion Compass Toolbox, where school management and other professionals can find inspiration to facilitate the implementation of the Inclusion Compass

4) A PowerPoint presentation, which can be used by facilitators to present the overall idea of the European Inclusion Compass and how it can be used as a strategic management process tool 

5) Good practices examples and recommendations, which are stories and practical recommendations from educational institutions that have worked practically with the implementation of the European Inclusion compass. These stories and recommendations can be used as inspiration material for other schools that want to work with the European Inclusion Compass.  

The purpose with the first part of the compass; ‘the Background Document’ is to inform potential users of The European Inclusion Compass about the greater perspective related to social inclusion, the current context for inclusion in Europe and not least an appetizer for committing to the process of not just promoting but in fact implementing inclusive practice in any kind of school for children and youth education. Furthermore, you will find arguments for inclusive strategies here.

The second part is a document, titled ‘Managing The European Inclusion Compass’, which is accompanying the Background Document and is developed as a ‘hands on’ document, which goes more into detail about the strategic and practical issue of how to plan and go through the process of using The European Inclusion Compass, from a school management perspective. Hence the document is an exemplification of the process ‘step by step, which is taking place within the school management group and thereby informs and support school management in the process of using both the PowerPoint presentation, and in particular for using the Toolbox developed for supporting the various processes of implementing inclusion.

The third part of the compass is the ‘Toolbox for the European Inclusion Compass’, which is an online archive (as well as a hard copy document) where you can find different kinds of facilitation and process tools, which can be used by school management or external consults, to bring a school through the different phases of the inclusion compass. The tools are generic, as well as is the compass, so the individual school will have to apply the tools to their specific context. 

The fourth part of the compass is a SPISEY training material aiming at giving an overall introduction to the European Inclusion Compass and the principles and philosophy behind. The objective of the presentation is both to inform about the compass and to motivate schools to work more strategically with social inclusion.  The PowerPoint presentation is generic in the edition here, but of course it needs to be customized to any local context, so that local consultants and individual school managers can add whatever slide is needed to kick-start a facilitation process.               

The fifth part of the European Inclusion Compass is a set of good practice examples and recommendationsthat have been gathered from the schools that participated in the testing phase of the SPISEY project and have worked with the European Inclusion Compass

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