The specific interest for the Danish SPISEY partner is comprised of a dual focus encompassing both research – and educational issues. For many years this collaborative perspective has guided activities, specially in the field of youth and education. Another focus area for the Danish partner has been organizational issues related to leadership and management. As an example, the Danish partner, together with The Organization for School Management Association, has developed ‘The Inclusion Compass’ as a supportive initiative and ‘tool’ for implementation of inclusion in compulsory school in Denmark.

To investigate SPISEY factors is relevant for gaining new knowledge and developing alternative practice in order to support youth, and this focus is at the center for activities in both research, education of professionals and further education of professionals mirroring the objectives for University College South Denmark.

In the Danish part of the project two educational institutions, representing the transition from primary school to youth education, will participate in SPISEY. Study 10 represents 10th grade in Danish compulsory school and pupils aged 16 – 17 in the process of being prepared for further education and vocation, and FGU Vest represents a brand-new education comprised of both traditional academic subjects and several practical activities related to traditional crafts and trades aimed at young people aged 18 – 25, with the need to clarify their possible future trajectory in education or vocation.

Ole Steen Nielsen
Senior Adviser; Master of Learning Processes

Previous manager of National Research Centre for Inclusive Practice in Denmark. Co-developer of the Inclusion Compass, in collaboration with the School Management Association in Denmark, a guide to school leaders about management of inclusion.

Completed an action research project with testing the Inclusion Compass in schools and daycare in collaboration with the Danish Ministry of Education. Work on Inclusions and Exclusion Processes about Children and Youth and in different learning environments over the last 15 years.


Christian Quvang
Docent and responsible for the research programme ‘Inclusion and Exclusion’, Ph.D., Psychologist and Co-convener in EERA NW 20.

As teacher, organizer, author of articles, chapters etc. and researcher in Danish and European connections active since 2005 until now, in relation to all kind of issues and matters related to inclusion and exclusion in kindergarten, school, youth education and management of inclusive and other related processes.

Participation in ERASMUS projects like RETAIN and LADECI also with focus on inclusion. (Look for the projects on the web).

Affiliated to EERA, European Educational Research Association, as co-convener and former Link Convenor in Network 20 – Research in Intercultural Innovative Learning Environments (2013 – 2018)


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