How to use this website

The European Inclusion Platform is developed to support the European Inclusion Compass, which is a strategic school management process tool that can support a school to develop into an inclusive school.

You can use this website as a hands on toolbox in the following way.

If you are not so familiar with inclusion, we recommend that you firstly go into the section called “why do we deal with social inclusion”. In this section social inclusion is explained on a general level and you will be able to understand what is e.g. the difference between integration and inclusion

Secondly you can go into the “good practice and recommendations” section, where you find examples and inspiration on how test schools from the SPISEY project, which is the project behind the development of the European Inclusion Compass, have used the compass and working actively to become inclusive schools. In this section you can also find a list of top recommendations and tips, which are worthwhile to consider BEFORE you start working with the compass, so that you can prepare yourself for the work ahead.

After that, you are ready to learn more about the European Inclusion Compass itself. Here, you have two options; you can either go through the general presentation of the Compass, which is designed as a PPT training material, or you can read the more detailed background paper of the inclusion compass.

When you have an understanding of what the European Inclusion Compass is, you are invited to read the specific management paper, which gives concrete advise and recommendations to school management on how to deal with dilemmas, decisions and resources, when you want to change your school into an inclusive school.

Last and not least, you find the toolbox, where we propose a selection of useful process and collaboration tools, which can help you manage and facilitate the process. Just for the record, we recommend that a process like the one proposed in the Inclusion Compass is always facilitated in collaboration with an external consultant or facilitator so that the process is kept objective and sentiments are not becoming and obstacle for the process.

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